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complete sentences are for english class

13 September
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I'm Sarah, a 16 year old juinor in high school. I live in Boston. I love my city with everything I've got- Sox, Pats and (on occasion) Celtics included. I play Varsity field hockey on my school's team, and I'm the goalie. I love to read, I'm always doing it. I love to be with friends and I'm a very social person, but I need my alone time as well. I'm a vegetarian, I love Jorja Fox, I am totally disorganized, I love my camp with all my heart, I have a totally weird cheek-bone fetish, I love to act and be on stage, and I love that New England weather.


This journal is friends only. If you want to friend me, just comment here.


I love my fandoms, and I talk about them all the time! I watch CSI, Bones, House, and Heroes. I ship Grissom and Sara, Booth and Bones, House and Cameron, and the entire hot cast of Heroes.

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